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Photoshop CS6 Tutorial: Fun with "Content-Aware Move Tool"

In this Post, I want to share with you a fun and functional new feature that I think you are really going to like. This new feature has to do with how we can now work with the Content Aware Move tool. And in order to illustrate how this feature works we're gonna do a small project which will begin with making a selection of the subject. You can chose any photo you want to elf. We will then refine the edge of the selection. Then we'll move to step two where we start to work with the Content Aware Move tool. And what we're going to do is move or replicate the subject in multiple instances.

And as you'll see this new feature allows us to accomplish things much more quickly than would have been previously possible before. All right, well let's begin by making our selection. Here we'll use the Quick Select tool. You can click on that in the Tools panel. Make sure you're in the background layer and then just click and drag over the area that you want to select. And here, there isn't really anything new.This tool's been around for awhile but this is just setting things up so I can show you how this new feature works. You want to just click and drag around, make sure you have all your edges selected and whatnot.

Then click on refine edge and the refine edge dialog will turn on Smart Radius and bring up the radius just a touch and we'll bring up a little bit of the contrast there. That just strengthens the overall edge. Now after we've done that the next step is to click OK. That is step one.Make a selection. Nothing new so far. The magic will happen in step two. For step two we're gonna go back to the Tools Panel. Click on the Spot Healing Brush then choose Content Aware Move.

Once you've selected that you want to dial in your options up here in the options bar. First we have two different modes, move or extend.You can think of move if we were to use that, it would be the option of moving this guy and he would be in a new spot but there'd only be one version of him. It would cover up where he used to be. Extend on the other hand gives us the ability to duplicate or triplicate whatever it is that we've selected. So we want to chose extend. Now what about structure? If you want to maintain the structure, in other words if we want him to still look just like he does here, we want a high value.
So here I'm gonna chose a high value. Why would you chose a low value? Well maybe you're using this method to cover something up. So you're kind of covering up a problem area on the sand. Well you could use a low structure because it doesn't really matter how the sand actually looks. But because it's a person, high value. Color if you want the image or the are to blend together with the colors, bring this up.We don't so we'll leave that down. Sample all layers, turn that on so we can apply the creative adjustments up here. And then here's the new feature, Transform on Drop.

Seems like a small little check box, but this really has a lot of magic in it. When we chose this option what we can then do is position our cursor over the selection that we've made and click and drag. When I bring him back here, all of a sudden he's too tall, right? Well, why is that? Well it's because areas or things that are further away from the camera should appear smaller. So if we want to bring him to this area right here what we need to do is transform him. When you let go of your cursor button, you can do that. On drop those transform handles show up. Now just hold down the Shift key and click and drag and you can see how we can re-size this.
Previously this would have just would have taken so much time to do something like this. And so here we're getting it in the right spot Then just press enter on Windows or return on Mac and Wa-La it's done. We have him in a new area. Want another version? Well, I'm just gonna click and drag and bring him back here. He's too tall in that area. So then let go. Transform on Drop shows up. 

And hold down the shift key to maintain that aspect ratio and then just get him over there in that area. Then press enter or return. Now after you've finished doing whatever it is that you want to do, go to your select pull-down menu and chose deselect in order to deselect there.
And as you can see we were able to accomplish this creative effect without a lot of work. And really it's all because of that little, little check box. That powerful feature which is Transform on Drop which gave us this unique ability to move something but then at the same time change it's size. And keep in mind that this feature it's fun and it's functional. It's really fun. It allows you to create or build creative effects like this. It can also help out when you're re-touching away distractions as well.

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Day 1: Pick up from Noi Bai airport to Hanoi Old Town Hotel . Check in your Deluxe room at the Hotel
Day 2: Enjoy 2days/1night Halong bay trip on Luxury Imperial Cruise or similar (up on your agreement)
Day 3: Back to Hanoi at 5pm, got fresh up by showering or fresh drinks before taking the 2days/3nights Sapa trip by train (train to Sapa is a kind of should-not-miss experience)
Day 4: Trekking, visit ethnic minority villages and overnight in Sapa hotel ( Elysian Sapa or Simillar )
Day 5: More trekking, more fields and wonderful views to visit. Then overnight on train
Day 6: Arrive in Hanoi in the morning. Get pick up back to the hotel
– Tour ends. –  Get transfer to Noi Bai airport.
– 02 ways airport transfer
– 01 Night at Deluxe room in Hanoi Old Town Hotel
– Halong bay 2D1N on Luxury Imperial Cruise or similar
– All meals included on boat
– 02 ways Soft sleeper train to Lao Cai station
– Sapa Tour 2Days 1Night
– Hotel in Sapa
– All meals in Sapa tour

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Royal Palace cruise is a new cruise which has just opened on December 1st, 2014. This is a New Cruise with Unique Tour Itineraies. We guaranteed to bring you a happy holiday with the perfect high quality trip at a cheapest price guaranteed.
Royal Palace Cruise is not only a luxury 4-star cruise with 14 luxury spacious windows in spacious rooms, but also a special cruising itinerary with 5-star service, as well as it offers you a real style of the royal in the past, we also have uniform of a king available on the cruise for guests who want to take a picture like a king that would be an unforgetable time of your holiday on this cruise.
We also guaranteed and promised that we are going to return all your money back if you could find any other cruises, boats, junks that have the same our tour itinerary as Royal Palace Cruise.
Royal Palace Cruise is also a traditional wooden junk  that makes you supprised at the first moment you check-in on charming design, it takes us almost 18 months to have it ready serving you now.


Scenic cruise, Vong Vieng, kayaking, swimming
07:45 –> 08:00 – Pick up at your hotel and depart for Ha Long City.
12:30 – On arrival at pier, you will board your Royal Palace Cruise and you are warmly welcomed by professional and friendly crew.  Check into cabin.
13:00 – Enjoy specially prepared lunch while cruising through Bai Tu Long Bay with thousands of amazing limestone islands emerging from emerald water. Sailing with Royal Palace Cruise in very tranquil route, exploring the exotic beauty of the must see Bay Tu Long Bay,a feeling in paradise will come to you.
15.30 – Visit Vong Vieng floating fishing village. Our guide will give you some information and interesting facts about this fascinating village and its local community, kayaking through slide rock cliffs.
16:30 – Back to your Royal Palace Cruise, keep cruising for an hour more to sleeping area.
18:00 – Join the sunset party on the sundeck in warm and romantic atmosphere, drinking wine, enjoy fresh local fruit, listening soft, light music from the sundeck bar.
19:00 – Enjoy the special dinner cooked by our professional chef.
20:30 – The moment you choose your own way to relax after dinner, watching movies, listening to Vietnamese traditional music, wearing costumes for King, Queen and mandarin to take photo. Besides, board games, squid fishing available for  entertainment during the night time.  
Surprising Cave, Lan Ha bay
06:00 – Morning exercise with our Tai Chi master, a perfect healthy way to start a new day.
07:00 – Enjoy your breakfast, coffee, tea, fruits.
08:00 – Visit the Surprising Cave – the most beautiful one in Ha Long Bay  
09:30 – Transfer to our daily boat, sailing through Lan Ha bay for 2 hours.
11:30 – Arrive at bungalow for check in.  
12:00 – Lunch in the restaurant at the bungalow. Enjoy your private time at leisure, relaxing, sunbathing on the beach or using some services available on the bungalow like playing football, volleyball, badminton, play pool, table tennis, kayaking to explore untouched area near by bungalow. Optional trip (biking trip to Viet Hai village) must be booked in advance, extra 5 dollars per person. Lunch will be served on the daily boat before arriving at bungalow for check-in.  
Second night in the bungalow of Catba Sandy Beach Resort
Scenic cruise, cooking class
07:00 – Breakfast
08:00 – Check-out, transfer to the daily boat to get on your Royal Palace Cruise.
Keep cruising towards Ha Long Bay to explore another parts ò the huge bay  
10:00 – Cooking class opened right on the cruise.
11:00 – Farewell lunch served on the cruise before you arrive at harbor.
12:30 – Get on the bus to Hanoi.
16:30 – Transfer you back to your hotel.
– Cruise: Royal Place Cruise  + other casual activities.
  • Pick-up and transfer by A/C modern bus round trip to Halong from Hanoi.
  • Fully furnished deluxe en-suite cabin with A/C and hot water( Twin Sharing Basis)
  • Sightseeing and entrance fee as per the mentioned itinerary.
  • English speaking guide.
  • Meals as Mentioned and the welcome drink.
  • Kayaking, Cooking demonstration and Fishing equipment.
  • Travel insurance
  • other drink and beverage.
  • Personal expenses.
  • Tips for guide and driver. (if any)
  • Other things are not mentioned in the program.
  • The rate for children under 3 years old is applicable for one children sharing a cabin with two adults (No extra mattress), limited to one child per cabin.
  • The children below 9 staying in a separate cabin will be charge 75% of the adult price. Children from 9 years older will be charged the same as adults.

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Gỏi ốc giác

c Giác là loại hải sản khá quen thuộc của người dân vùng biển miền Trung, đặc biệt là ở vùng biển Thuận Hải, tức hai tỉnh Ninh Thuận và Bình Thuận ngày nay. Một con lớn trung bình từ 1,5 đến 2 kg. Từ ốc Giác người dân ở đây chế biến ra nhiều món ăn, đơn giản nhất là món ốc giác luộc.

Thịt ốc được cạo rửa sạch cho hết chất nhờn, mang luộc chín rồi xắt mỏng chấm nước mắm gừng, tỏi ớt pha sắn rất ngon. Hấp dẫn hơn là món gỏi ốc giác. Luộc chín ốc rồi xắt sợi, cùng với thịt ba chỉ hoặc thịt lợn nọng (phần cổ) cũng luộc chín, xắt sợi. Đu đủ sống bào mỏng, rau răm xắt nhỏ, hành tây, đậu phộng rang, hành phi… nước mắm, tỏi, ớt, chua, ngọt.

Trộn đu đủ, rau răm, hành tây và ốc, thịt luộc, rưới nước giấm đường pha lẫn với nhau rắc đậu phộng và hành phi lên. Ăn kèm với bánh tráng .Ốc giác mới đánh bắt lên bờ là ốc tươi, thịt ốc tiết ra chất nhờn thì thịt sẽ ngon ngọt hơn tự nhiên. Còn ốc khô ráo là ốc đánh bắt đã lâu ngày, thịt có mùi hôi.

Món ăn này là món rất được sinh viên , học sinh Phan Thiết yêu thích, nó được bán vào mỗi buổi chiều.

Nếu bạn là khách phương xa, có dịp về Phan Thiết thăm quan, du lịch, mời bạn ghé vào các quán ăn đặc sản nơi đây để thưởng thức món gỏi ốc Giác hấp dẫn này và bạn sẽ cảm nhận được hương vị thơm ngon của những món ăn miền biển.

Tuy đơn sơ nhưng qua bàn tay chế biến khéo léo của người dân nơi đây, món ăn trở lên phong phú và hài lòng mọi du khách gần xa.

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